Spanish gourmet sweets and savouries straight to your door.


Our boxes


Our boxes are carefully curated to combine the traditional cuisine of Spain with hard-to-find unique items all produced in Spain.

We will take you on a journey through Spain from cities to small villages where they produce the finest flavours.


With each delivery you will enjoy a surprise selection of delectable delights feeding your curiosity of Spanish culture and cuisine.

The ultimate indulgence for serious Spanish foodies. Sit back, relax and discover the taste of Spain.

Our Story

Quien bien come y mejor digiere, sólo de viejo se muere

At La Canastera, our mission is to deliver a distinctive and authentic collection of Spanish gourmet experiences to each customer’s home  - which is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who pick out quality items to include in each box. 

Our company was born from a desire to share the special gastronomy that makes Spain unique and to give people true joy in a package of surprises, delivered straight to their doorstep. We figured out how to take advantage of technology in order to allow customers to experience and discover Spain through their taste-buds.

Each of our deliveries brings a box full of new surprising treats to all of our customers. Click below to join the club of satisfied customers who are eagerly looking forward to what they’ll get next.

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Paso "doble"
72.00 every 6 months
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136.00 every 12 months
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